City Tour

PRIVATE WITHOUT GUIDE: AUTO (1 TO 3 PAX) 5500 ars / 10 USD - PRIVATE WITHOUT GUIDE: AUTO (1 TO 3 PAX) $ 20 / VAN (5 TO 10 PAX) 12000 ars / 20 USD (rate per hour vehicle)
PRIVATE GUIDE: AUTO (1 TO 3 PAX) 15000 ars / 25 USD - VAN (5 TO 10 PAX) 20000 ars / 30 USD (rate per hour vehicle)


The tour begins at the place hosting customer (anywhere in the city) to the adventure of knowing the capital in its architecture and customs, which have been contributing every day to the configuration of the different neighborhoods.

The tour begins in the neighborhood of Montserrat, one of the oldest in the city, which includes the Casa Rosada -the place where the executive-power, the Cathedral and the Cabildo (the latter formerly worked as executive).
Then the visit continues in the neighborhood of San Telmo, where can be seen in its architecture some old traditions of their owners, as this was an aristocratic area and product of yellow fever, people left their homes, turning it on a forgotten place in the city.

Continuing the tour, you get to the neighborhood of La Boca, which is characterized by its colorful houses which together with Caminito Street and the Club Atletico Boca Juniors, made the place one of the emblems of the city.

After visiting the south of the city of Buenos Aires, one arrives without scale to the north, where the neoclassical architecture can be seen. This is the neighborhood of Recoleta, where the cemetery that bears his name, within which lie the remains of Evita is located.

Then there's the neighborhood of Palermo, the lung of the city, thanks to its parks and its modern architecture, which makes this a different place.

And ending, one arrives at Retiro and Puerto Madero where you can observe the urban and architectural development of the city of Buenos Aires.

Bilingual guide specializing in the circuit.

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