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Climate: The climate of Buenos Aires is oceanic temperate. In winter, the coldest month is July, with average temperatures of 3rd and 10th, but frosts are. In summer, heat is humid and the average temperature is 26 to 33. At night, the temperature drops slightly. The heaviest rainfall occurs during autumn and spring. They are short rains or drizzles.


From 21 December until 20 March. Average temperature: 28 °. January is the hottest month.

From 21 March to 20 June. Average temperature: 18 °. The first months are usually rainy.

From June 21 to September 20. Average temperature 10 °. Coldest Month: July .In the last week of June, a climate phenomenon called the Veranito of San Juan with high temperatures and a temperate climate occurs. In late winter, near the feast of Santa Rosa (August 30) a great storm known as "Santa Rosa Storm" is expected.

It runs from September 21 to December 20. It is the time of warm days and average temperatures of 19 degrees.

The Time

The official time. It is the numbers 0 to 24 (ie that amount to 16 4 pm). You can telephone the official time obtained by dialing 113, throughout the day.

January 1: New Year

March 24: Anniversary 1976 coup
April 2: Day veteran and the fallen in the Malvinas War

March 21: Good Friday (!) May 1: Labor Day (!)
May 25: First National Government

June 20: Death of General Manuel Belgrano. Monday June 16 Held

July 9: Independence Day

August 17: Death of General Jose de San Martin. Long weekend.

October 12: Day of the race. Long weekend. It held on Monday.

December 8: Immaculate Conception Weekend

December 25: Christmas

Health Level:

No need to apply vaccines before entering Buenos Aires. The water is potable.


The Argentina currency is the peso ($). There are tickets for $ 100, $ 50, $ 20, $ 10, $ 5 and $ 2 and $ 1 coins weight, 0.50 cents, 0.25 cents, 0.10 cents and 0.05 cents. The US dollar is the international currency most used. It can be exchanged at banks or exchange houses, where you must present a passport. Most shops in Buenos Aires dollars and credit cards are accepted.

Credit cards:

In Argentina credit cards Visa, American Express and Mastercard are accepted are the most used.

Exchange rate:
In Argentina there is a system change to international tourism. The banking sector is the so-called city, covering the streets San Martin, Reconquista, May 25, Sarmiento, President Juan Domingo Peron and Mitre at the height of 100 and 500 each. The dollar is accepted in most shops, but it do the conversion to pesos at exchange houses or banks.

Branch for the tourist exchange:
In the tourism branch of Banco Ciudad, you can purchase and sell dollars, euros and travelers checks outside the exchange zone. Hours: Tuesday to Friday from 10 to 17 hours; Saturdays and Sundays from 11 to 18 hours, Monday 10-18 hours. They are exclusive boxes for tourists.
Requirements: passport.
Point of Care: Bank City
Address: Av Cordoba 675, Buenos Aires.


They are open Monday through Friday from 9-20, and Saturdays from 9-13, although the shops of the great avenues are open all afternoon. In the shopping schedule extending up to 22 even on weekends and some holidays.

They open at 10 and close at 15 (some banks extend hours until 16). You can make cash withdrawals and other transactions at ATMs, which operate 24 hours.

The hours in which porteños have their four meals are variable, since this is accommodated according to their activities.

Tourist Police Station:
A tends complaints from tourists victims of crime, robberies, thefts, losses, whereabouts and failed. It is acting on crime prevention. Assists in extraordinary procedures before embassies or consulates has interpreters in English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Ukrainian and Japanese. Address: Av Corrientes 436.Teléfono. 0800 999 5000/4346 5748

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